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Sunday, 05 October 2014 14:34

VOTE for your favorite 
Wildlife conservation license plate!


6 Wildlife License Plate Design Choices


We need your help choosing a design for a new conservation license plate that will support Wildlife in Texas. The new plate will be released in spring 2015.

Six designs are available to choose from:

  • mountain lion
  • hummingbird
  • rattlesnake
  • butterfly
  • dragonfly
  • cactus bloom with bumblebee

Vote for your favorite online!

Don’t keep it a secret – make sure your family and friends cast a ballot too! We are eager to know what everyone thinks.

About Conservation License Plates

Sales of this new plate will fund a vast array of projects that support all types of wildlife, including those pictured on the plates. All projects funded by this plate will help native wildlife. To learn about other wildlife projects funded so far, visit

The winning plate design will be announced in spring 2015 and will be available for your vehicle, trailer or motorcycle through your local county tax office or online at The plate will cost $30 a year* and $22 will go directly to fund wildlife conservation in Texas.

To see our current family of conservation license plates, visit

  • The Horned Lizard plate supports wildlife conservation
  • The White-tailed Deer plate benefits big game hunting
  • The Largemouth Bass plate helps Texas fishing
  • The Bluebonnet and Camping plates support Texas State Parks

Thank you for your interest, participation and your personal vote.

*in addition to your regular vehicle registration fees

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